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Core Services

Website Development

Our designs and development techniques are even appreciated by the government. We don’t just develop a site, we ensure the delivers its maximum potential.

Website Security

Making a hackproof website is a really difficult task for almost anyone out there, we ensure your data remains safe and your website’s security is never the reason.

App Development

We don’t want to be the reason why you lose your customers, that’s not right in any way. Our team can stay lean and rapidly deploy customized solutions for every client.

Search Engine Optimization

Not everyone cares too much about their website’s ranking and customer reach research but we have made it easy for you to have it all without contacting us.

Portal Development

With our record-breaking technology which not only makes it easy for you to manage your portal but also an experience to make your customers love you.

Logo Design

A logo is a brand representation of your Idea, having a logo with no meaning is same as running for customers with no money. We add life to your logo.

something about us

changbiyu Inc. founded in the year 2012 as a small online blog. The name “changbiyu” comes from the language Pashto which means “Growth”. Well, the site had mostly news and gossip content which later was migrated to Paaminnasi (shut down in 2015). The company then turned from a one-man fight to having a team which mostly worked from home. Solving huge government security bugs, helping corporate(s) get success, finding small businesses their customers. We keep putting out creative ideas and useful services in hopes of paving our way to make the web a more secure and knowledgeable place.

What We Have Running

this is just some of our own work



Whap! is a search engine which focuses on providing users locally aggregated data.



My CDN is an open source Content Delivery Network which serves 10M+ Impressions daily.


Muscle Host

Muscle Host is a web hosting service which has 10+ server locations all over the world.


Enfiniti Labs

enfiniti Labs is an indipendent AI powered content delivery system which serve 30M+ Daily.


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