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There is no point if your customer doesn’t understand what you want to convey to them using your app. Let alone portal based apps, e-commerce applications also need visual representations to make your users understand quickly. We develop applications which your user would love to use again and again, we try to make your brand a remembrance for a long time. Applications nowadays just try to serve their purpose relentless of customer satisfaction and experience. We put your customers first and try to make their experience wonderful with you and they have your brand remembered.

One Project One Dashboard


The problem with today’s developers is that they try to confuse their customers with seperate portals for seperate management portals for the same applications, this way they charge more (Which absolutly makes no sense). Here at changbiyu we try to make things more possible for you and try to keep your life more possible by summing up everything into just one dashboard. Manage your store, e-commerce, content management platforms websites and applications from just one dashboard. This way you won’t waste time to keep posting the same content on different applications of the same project. Was this confusing ? Yes, We know. We are trying to change this, we make things simple for you.

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Honeycomb security

Sustainable AI

Artificial Intelligence

The scope of AI is disputed: as machines become increasingly capable, tasks considered as requiring “intelligence” are often removed from the definition, a phenomenon known as the AI effect, leading to the quip “AI is whatever hasn’t been done yet” For instance, optical character recognition is frequently excluded from “artificial intelligence”, having become a routine technology.Capabilities generally classified as AI as of 2017 include successfully understanding human speech, competing at a high level in strategic game systems, autonomous cars, intelligent routing in content delivery networks, military simulations, and interpreting complex data, including images and videos. We use AI to make all yours and our work easy and more accessible. Our AI improves as you use it and makes your work even easier.

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