Managing Schools Made Easy

Reducing all the stress by not messing around

Why A School Management Portal ?


With the approach of school administration framework, the different school and understudy administration issues, which were already huge wellsprings of inconvenience, are starting to vanish. Via robotizing the regulatory procedures, schools have figured out how to spare a ton of time and expanded profitability. The procedure of digitization has fundamentally changed our instruction segment. School administration programming has been compelling with regards to work and time productivity. Since every one of the procedures are computerized, any record to be found is only a tick away. Records are considerably less prone to be lost or lost and can be introduced when a need emerges. Indeed, even guardians persuade an opportunity to be more required with their tyke’s training.School administration programming is a source, through which information can be overseen adequately, can be imparted to instructors and guardians effortlessly, and even to the world through the site connected to the product. Coordinating such innovation to the current framework conveys a ton of dependability to the school administration. Further, since the educators are never again troubled by the tremendous load that they already needed to oversee, they tend to move their attention totally on youngsters, quickening their development incredibly.


One School, One Platform


We have everything well interconnected with each other to make things easy for you. With SSO (Single Sign-On), Big Data And the help of the cloud we make managing, payments, SMS, promotions all stuffed into one single portal. We make things less messy for you and have everything you need customized and categorized into groups and classes for easy assessment.

Online And Offline payments


Your students can not only pay you online but we have an in-built offline receipt system that will also act as a payment gateway if students want to pay cash or cheque. Easy switch with mass admissions, if you want to add several students in one go.

Smart profiles


We have added really cool profiles for parents, students and staff members to make intractions and identifications easy. You don’t have to go to seperate pages to see small little details about someone, you can just open their profiles and find out all the information.

Private Messaging


We have a new feature called Messages, this lets you send direct messages to your students, staff and other members. You can send notices and private information directly to their inboxes.



 You don’t have to go to a different website or a different portal to get your hostel managed, we have a separate hostel management section where you can manage rooms and see which student is assigned to which room.

Syllabus Management


Our smart syllabus management system makes it easy for your teachers and students to stay in complete sync. Teachers can add notes, important study materials and homework directly to the study section.



You can directly release session, half-yearly, weekly test results on your portal and the students, parents can view it using their profiles. If there are requirements for a hard copy there will always be a Print Report Card option which will make a branded report card printed with watermarks.

Transportation management


With this feature, you can assign your students to buses and have teacher in-charges who manage busses. Your backend can even print out boarding passes for the busses.

And Several More Features

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